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[Download] WOOD Magazine (The World’s Leading Woodworking Resource) PDF Collection [1984-2019]

WOOD Magazine (The World’s Leading Woodworking Resource) PDF Collection

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WOOD Magazine PDF Collection

Release year: 1984-2019
Genre: Woodwork
English language
Publisher: Meredith National Media Group / Better Homes and Gardens
ISSN: 0743-894X
Format: PDF
Quality: Publishing layout (e-book / raster file) / Scanned pages
Number of Pages: 80-92
Interactive Table of Contents: None
WOOD is an indispensable magazine for woodworkers. Each issue contains proven projects (more than 50 per year), with detailed instructions, diagrams, photographs and a complete list of materials. Also here you will learn useful tricks and secrets of working with wood, ideas for saving money, information on working with tools and materials.
Frequency of release – 6 issues per year (1 time in two months). Professional woodworking magazine.
An excellent publication with practical ideas and designs for natural wood products.

About WOOD magazine:

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned vet, Wood magazine is your one-stop source for making all your woodworking projects a success! Every issue is packed with great shop-tested projects (more than 50 a year!), straightforward instructions, complete how-to directions, full-color photos, complete materials lists … and so much more! You’ll also get the very best project-finishing tips and tricks, plus savvy money-saving ideas and shortcuts that will never sacrifice quality or workmanship!

List of Issues Contained in This Collection:

  • WOOD Magazine 1984-2009: Issues 01-195
  • WOOD Magazine 2010-2011: Issues 198-209
  • WOOD Magazine 2012: Issues 210-216
  • WOOD Magazine 2013: Issues 217-223
  • WOOD Magazine 2014: Issues 224-230
  • WOOD Magazine 2015: Issues 231-237
  • WOOD Magazine 2016: Issues 238-244
  • WOOD Magazine 2017: Issues 245-251
  • WOOD Magazine 2018: Issues 252-256, 257, 258

  • WOOD Magazine 2019: Issues 259, 260


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